Dreamscapes Six

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Dreamscapes Six

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Various Artists

Dimensions28 × 30 cm / 11 x 11.8 inch

Art Book






Imaginary Editions

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After Dreamscape I, Dreamscape 2, Dreamscapes 2009, Dreamscapes 2010 and Dreamscapes V, Imaginary Editions proudly presents Dreamscapes Six.

This beautiful art book gives you insight into the fascinating world of contemporary imaginary realism. The world’s best artists in this movement have been collected and show their work in this unique collection. This art book shows a top selection of more than 70 artists divided over 275 pages.

A selection of the artists:
Yu Suguwara, Jake Baddely, Shiori Matsumoto, Stani, Tohonho, Michael Parkes, Daan Noppen, Daniel Merriem, Gerd Bannuscher, Marcel Witte, Slovko Krunic, Ole Ahlberg, Lukas Kandl, Stefan Da Costa Gomez, Brita Seifert, Alexandra Müller-Jontschewa, Wojciech Peszko, David M. Bowers, Steven Kenny, Micha Lobi, Igor Grechanyk, Thomasz Alen Kopera, Hans Kanters, Handidan, Frank C. Hauser, Marek Zyga, An Kun, Eli Tiunine, Hans-Peter Müller.

This series of art books is part of the ‘Dreamscapes‘ project by initiator Marcel Salome. In the meantime, there have been 5 successful exhibitions in recent decades, performed in Germany (Viechtach), Belgium (Alden Biesen), the Netherlands (Utrecht and Amsterdam) and Austria (Traun).

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