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Work of  Lukas Kandl - Jeune Femme Au Chapeau Chat La NuitLukas Kandl (Born in 1944 in Prague, Czech Republic) is a well-known artist in magic realism. He started his pursuit in oil painting at the Prague College of Art from 1959 to 1963. He continued his graduate study at the Prague Academy of Applied Art (1963 to 1969). In 1969, Lukáš received his Masters from the Academy of Fine Arts. He then continued refining his skills following world-renowned oil painting artists in France and Holland. Currently, his studio is located in Saint-Germain en Laye (France) where he resides with his family.

“The complex themes of a rich imagination full of a humour ones suspects metaphysical, questions the viewer , addresses his sensibility, reminds his soul of the world’s vanities.”

Dominique Girard, Ambassador of
France in Australia

Since 2002 he leads the ‘Visioniric-strange Comparaisons’ group in Paris. He created and leads the international Libellule group. His works are in numerous private and public collections in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Hong-Kong, Italy, Japan, Marocco, The Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United States.

Lukas Kandl painting of Resurection De Pegase Lukas Kandl painting Mandrill Arc En Ciel Lukáš Kándl painting Le chemin a suivre Lukáš Kándl panting of Les yeux de la nuit Button of Ange Exterminateur of Lukas Kandl Button of Ange Exterminateur of Lukáš Kándl Button of Perles Aphrodisiaques of Lukáš Kándl Button of Waiting for Deluge of Lukáš Kándl Button of Waiting for Deluge of Lukáš Kándl Button of Reve dune nuit fragile of Lukáš Kándl

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