Micha Lobi

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Imaginary Realism

Micha Lobi was born in Siberia in 1966, and lives and works in Russia. His thoughts and inspiration, but also his ideal of beauty have been influenced by the German painters Dürer and Holbein, as well as by Flemish art of the 15th and 16th century.

Micha Lobi painting St. Antonius

In contrast to the medieval painters, who often worked by order, Micha Lobi paints only followed by his inspiration. He contemplates his works as a kind of still life, where he puts instead of vases and fruits different elements and figures from the Middle Ages and the modern epoch.

“Ab Imo pectore abstractum pro concreto.”

Micha´s opinion is: “Firstly it’s of great importance for me to provide every spectator with his own association combined with every painting. It can be compared with a piece of music, which sets off different emotions for each of us.” Lobi concentrates his artistic activities mainly on oil painting, but even as an illustrator, graphic artist and portraitist he has achieved something truly amazing. International exhibitions in Holland, Denmark and France, in autumn 2008 participation in “Salon d´Automne” and “Salon des Artistes Independants” in Paris.

Micha Lobi painting of Im Dunklen Hof Micha Lobi painting Alchimist Micha Lobi painting of Reflections Micha Lobi painting of Fruktus Temebris Button of Magic Night from Micha Lobi Button of Reprise from Micha Lobi Button of Verwandshaft from Micha Lobi Button of Winter Landscape from Micha Lobi Button of St. Antonius from Micha Lobi

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