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Imaginary Realism

Dreamscapes is a project about contemporary imaginary realism consisting of Dreamscapes books and Dreamscapes exhibitions. The Dreamscapes books and exhibitions aim to promote artists and their art to a larger audience, galleries and art collectors. The books are sent free of charge to an existing network of galleries, collectors, press and museums.

In addition to the Dreamscapes books that are published every so many years, international Dreamscapes exhibitions are organized on the basis of the Dreamscapes books. The exhibitions have an international character and are held in various countries. Through the Dreamscapes books and exhibitions many artists have found new galleries and collectors.

Artist Submissions

We welcome emerging and established artists who meet the requirements we set for imaginary realism. If you have any enquiries or would like to make a submission, please send an email to info@imaginaryrealism.com Thank you in advance for getting in touch!


History of Dreamscapes by Marcel Salome

Dreamscapes started as an idea in 2005 to make a statement for what I started to call “Imaginary Realism”. I could not understand why I did not saw this art at galleries or art fairs. Often I was told by art critics that this was not art but kitsch. That triggerd me to do something for the contemporary imaginair realism art and artists. I wanted to published books and give the artist a promotional platfom to show their art to international galleries, collectors and museums.

In 2006 the first book with Michael Parkes as guest of honor was published and send out to some galleries. A gallery in The Netherlands gave me the possibility to do a book presentation with a small exhibition. This became a huge success with many visitors and sales. The reactions where overwhelmed and people ask me “why dont we see this kind of art anywhere”. That was the moment what opened my eyes and thought this could be something special.

In 2007 the second book was published with artist Patrick Woodroffe as guest of honor. I organized some small Dreamscapes exhibitions but I was not happy with the overall quality of the art at that time. When the cover of the book says “The best of” it must be the best artist in the field of imaginary realism. From that moment my goal was not to make a new book and exhibition every year but wanted to increase the quality of the book, exhibitions and changed the name from Dreamscape into Dreamscapes.

In 2009 the third book was published with Lukas Kandl as guest of honor. I made my first big Dreamscapes exhibition in Amsterdam with almost 1000 square meters exhibition space and 50 international artists. I financed this exhibition with the income from the books and my own private money, without guarantee of success. The show was a fantastic event with many visitors but I also thought this can be done better.

In 2010 I published a new bigger book with a complete new design to increase the quality again. Viktor Safonkin was the guest of honor. This was also the second big show in Amsterdam with more then 50 artists. It became a huge succes in terms of sales and visitors. We had about 3500 visitors in only 1 week and many good reviews by newspapers and art critics for this show.

Dreamscapes 2010 Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Report by Fantastic Vision

Since the 4th edition of the book and the succesful Amsterdam edition Dreamscapes had proven his name for indeed the best quality and exhibitions so far for imaginary realism art. Requests for making international Dreamscapes exhibitions came in. We had a show about Imaginary Realism in Santa Anna, USA. I was proud that Dreamscapes had built a good name but to make a book like Dreamscapes and big exhibitions takes lots of energie, time and money. It is easy to make a book with more then 200 artists but it is not easy to find and work with only the best artist in this field that have their own unique style. I decided to take more time after each new book and exhibitions before starting with a new book and exhibition.

In 2013 Dreamscapes V, the fifth edition of Dreamscapes was published. In this book and exhibitions I started to show more sculptures to make Dreamscapes more special. The book presentation started in Viechtach, Germany with a large exhibition.

Dreamscapes 2013 Viechtach, Germany. Report by DONAU TV

After Viechtach the exhibition went to Belgium at Alden Biesen Castle. This was the best and beautuful Dreamscapes exhibition so far with lots of attention by the media. I also started to organize Dreamscapes Mixed-Up exhibitions in association with galleries to give the artist and gallerie the chance to work together. Mixed-Up exhibitions was also to show a mix between classic imaginary art together with photograpy and digital art.

Dreamscapes 2014 Alden Biesen, Belgium. Report by TV Limburg BE

Dreamscapes 2014 Alden Biesen, Belgium. Report by ARTHEBDA

In 2016 we celebrated 500 years Hieronymus Bosch with an exhibition in The Netherlands called “In the footsteps of Hieronymus Bosch.

In November 2017 we launched the sixt edition of Dreamscapes (Dreamscapes Six) with a big Dreamscapes exhibition with over more then 270 pieces of art in Traun, Austria.

Last summer (2018) we have presented a small but special exhibition in Belgium, Hasselt. We have shown a mix of new and existing artists of international imaginary realism art.
See also our newsitem and video below.

Dreamscapes 2018 Hasselt, Belgium. Report by ARTHEBDA

Dreamscapes 6 released New book available in shop
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