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Imaginary Realism is a curated art collective with the best contemporary artists in the field of Imaginary realistic art. Imaginary Realism shows internationally established artists and upcoming talents. A place where collectors and enthusiasts of imaginary art realism meets the artists.

A place where you can buy paintings, sculptures, lithographs, mixed media, limited editions, art books, shipped directly from the artist to your door. We bring you news, short documentaries, interviews with the artists and promote imaginary realism art through our Dreamscapes exhibitions, books and social media network.

With our Imaginary Editions and fine art printing company Re-Art we are able to publish your limited editions and art books.

Under the collective name of Imaginary Realism, we unite artistic movements such as Magic Realism, Fantastic Realism, Surrealism, Pop-Surrealism, Symbolism and brings them to the notice of the world through various projects. In the past three decades Imaginary Realism has produced great artists from different continents who have started working together internationally not only from a jointly felt need to work in this imaginary style, but also because of an unmistakable congeniality and solidarity. This cooperation has resulted in high-quality Dreamscapes group exhibitions led by artists and representatives of the imaginary style.

Imaginary representations and the traditional painting and sculpting techniques have left a distinct impression and deep appreciation in art history for the work by old masters like Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Leonardo da Vinci, Pre-Raphaelites, Gustave Moreau, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and Paul Delvaux. These mostly metaphysical and surrealistic depictions of the world have fascinated mankind ever since Greek antiquity and the age of the Egyptians.

They are natural phenomena that usually manifest themselves in dreams and from the subconscious, serving as a source of inspiration for many artists. Through the ages the grand masters have been followed by strong successors: artists who also draw inspiration from metaphysics, philosophy, literature and the symbolism of the metaphysical world. Like their predecessors, who endeavored to capture the magic of reality, the artists participating in Dreamscapes unbridle their fantasy to today’s world. The Dreamscapes exhibition presents the masters of the future, who have exchanged the bohemian life for a world of global appreciation and recognition.


Yu Sugawara a Surrealism artistSurrealism


Gerd Bannuscher a symoblism artistSymbolism

Magic Realism

Michael Parkes a prominent Magic Realim artistMagic Realism

Pop Surrealism

Ole Ahlberg Pop Surrealism artist influencesPop Surrealism

Fantasic Realism

Micha Lobi a Fantastic Realism artistFantasic Realism


Daniel Merriam an artist with Lobrow influencesLowbrow

Imaginary Realism is an initiative of Marcel Salome (1967, The Netherlands) who brings contemporary imaginary realism art under a worldwide attention trough exhibitions, publish art books and limited editions for artists that works in the imaginary realistic style.

Marcel Salome Founder of Dreamscapes

“I see it as my task to bring contemporary imaginary realism art under a worldwide attention and give the artists a promotional platform to show their art to international galleries, collectors and museums.”

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