Imaginary Realism

Art Books made by Imaginary EditionsImaginary Editions is our publisher of art books and limited edition fine art (Giclée) prints. We have produced and published many books, including books by Michael Parkes, Hans Kanters, Frank C Hauser, Daniel Merriam, Daron Mauradian, Don Clarke, Dreamscapes and many others.

We are already for many years producer for limited editions of Ole Ahlberg, Michael Parkes, Marcel Witte, Lukas Kandl, Paul Jaarsma, Gabriel Meiring, Reinhard Schmid, Gerd Bannuscher, Kinuko Craft, Herman Smorenburg and many others.

The strenght is that we have a high-quality production company Re-Art behind us which is the mother company of Imaginary Realism. We know all the technical aspects and know what the market demands. We can produce in the most efficiently and cost-effectively way and of course on demand.

We are your partner in design, layout, prepress and printing of your artbook and fine art printer for all your limited editions. We are able to sell your books and limited editions trough our network.

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