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Paintign of Gerd Bannuscher - MandrilGerd Bannuscher was born on July 22, 1957 in King Sacker / North Frisia Germany. Since 1987 Gerd is a self-employment freelance artist. He had solo exhibitions in Hamburg, Bargteheide, Flensburg, Lübeck, Baden Baden, Stuttgart, Worpswede, Ahrensburg Westerland / Sylt, Copenhagen, Abu Dhabi and group exhibitions in Kronach Worpswede, Lubeck, Venice, Stade, Knittlingen, Stuttgart, Bad Schussenried Haigerloch, Böblingen, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna. Since 2003 Gerd Bannuscher works for the Sultanate of Oman.

“Reality to me is abstract enough,
I want to give feeling a face.”

Today Gerd Bannuscher lives and works with his family in Eichede / Schleswig Holstein.

Gerd Bannuscher painting, Inner Worlds Gerd Bannuscher painting, To be at the Moment II Gerd Bannuscher painting, Where the water seeks the Sea Button of Fallen out of time from Gerd Bannuscher Button of The great race from Gerd Bannuscher Button of Nomaden der evolution from Gerd Bannuscher Button of Romina 645 from Gerd Bannuscher Button of The tape of evolution from Gerd Bannuscher Button of Reflection of the moment from Gerd Bannuscher

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