Dreamscapes Exhibition Belgium 2021

Contemporary Imaginary Realism
Imaginary Realism

After a year of lockdowns we are happy to announce a new Dreamscapes exhibition. Dreamscapes is coming this summer to the Sint-Aldegondiskerk in As, Belgium with an exhibitions about imaginary realism from 3 till 30 July..

Discover the wonderful worlds of the masters of the future who unleash their imaginations on the world of now and who, like their predecessors, try to capture the magic of reality.

Under the collective name Imaginary Realism, Dreamscapes unites art movements such as magical realism, fantastic realism, (pop) surrealism and symbolism and brings them to the attention through international publications and exhibitions. In the past three decades, imaginary realism has produced great artists from different continents. who have started to cooperate in international contexts not only from the need to work in the imaginary style, but also from an unmistakable relationship and solidarity.

The Dreamscapes exhibition in the Sint-Aldegondiskerk in As presents a mix of established artists and a new generation of artists who continue the tradition of imaginary realism in their own way.

The following artists are part of this exhibition:

Hans Kanters, Marcel Witte, Ghita van Leeuwen, Peter van Oostzanen, Flor Padilla, Michael Parkes, Gerd Bannuscher, Siegfried Zademack, Ole Ahlberg, Joachim Lerher, Tomek Setowksi, Micha Lobi, Robert Bissell, Stani Jan Borowski, Peszko, Prof. Lasak, Van Apple, Raf Verjands, Christian Schmidt, Yu Saguwara, Marek Zyga, Reinhard Schmid.


July 3 to July 30, 2021

Opening hours

Thursday till Sunday from 11.00 till 17.00




Sint-Aldegondiskerk, As,

For collectors it is possible to visit the exhibition also on other days and times by appointment.

Call for information:
+32 475 69 10 17


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