Dreamscapes exhibition Belgium

Hasselt, Zuivelmarkt 50
Imaginary Realism

This summer Dreamscapes is coming to Belgium with a special exhibition about international imaginary realism. Discover the wonderful world of the masters of the future that let go their imagination of the world from today. They try just like their predecessors to capture the magic of reality.

The art collective Imaginair Realism unites with the Dreamscapes project art movements as magical realism, fantastic realism, (pop) surrealism and symbolism and transmits it means of international publications and exhibitions to the attention.

Dreamscapes 2018 Hasselt, Belgium. Report by ARTHEBDA

In the last three decades Imaginary Realism produced great artists from different continents. This collaboration has resulted inhigh-profile Dreamscapes publications and group tone forms supplied by artists and representativesof the imaginary style.

Dreamscapes exhibition in Hasselt is presented a mix of new and existing artists. The new generation artists show their own
way of the tradition of the imaginary realism. Until the end of August the spectator will be surprised each time when we refresh the collection.


1th of June till 30th of August 2018

Visting hours

Tuesday till Saterday
from 13.00-18.00
Entry: Free


Zuivelmarkt 50, Hasselt

For more information

+32 475 69 10 17