Dreamscapes Viechtach 2019

Contemporary Imaginary Realism
Imaginary Realism

On 14 June 2019 the 6th edition of the international Dreamscapes exhibition will be opened his doors in Viechtach, Germany. For more then three months there will be works of art on display created by contemporary masters, representing Imaginary Realism from all across the globe.

Dreamscapes Exhibitions

Under the collective name of Imaginary Realism Dreamscapes unites artistic trends such as Magic Realism, Fantastic Realism, Surrealism and Symbolism and brings them to the notice of the world through various projects.Dreamscapes Exhibition 2013 Corner room
In the past three decades Imaginary Realism has produced great artists from different continents who have started working together internationally. Not only from a jointly felt need to work in this imaginary style, but also because of an unmistakable congeniality and solidarity. This cooperation has resulted in high-profile Dreamscapes group exhibitions led by artists and representatives of the imaginary style. During these Dreamscapes exhibitions, works by more than 50 international artists may be admired, many of whom display their work in Europe for the first time or show works of art that are usually acquired by private collectors straight away and thus remain invisible for the general public.

Old masters

Imaginary representations and the traditional painting and sculpting techniques have left a distinct impression and deep appreciation in art history for the work by old masters like Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Breughel, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Leonardo da Vinci, Pre-Raphaelites, Gustave Moreau, Salvador Dalí, René Magritte and Paul Delvaux. These mostly metaphysical and surrealistic depictions of the world have fascinated mankind ever since Greek antiquity and the age of the Egyptians. They are natural phenomena that usually manifest themselves in dreams and from the subconscious, serving as a source of inspiration for many artists.

The grand masters have been followed through the ages by strong successors: artists who also draw inspiration from metaphysics, philosophy, literature and the symbolism of the metaphysical world. Like their predecessors, who endeavored to capture the magic of reality, the artists participating in Dreamscapes unbridle their fantasy to today’s world. The Dreamscapes exhibition presents the masters of the future, who have exchanged the bohemian life for a world of global appreciation and recognition.

During this Dreamscapes exhibition in Viechtach, besides traditional paintings and sculptures, there will also be attention for new young talent who are using new contemporary techniques with an eye for the old masters.

Represented artists Dreamscapes Viechtach exhibition:

Michael Parkes, Corvengi, Yves Krief, Barbara van den Berg, Handiedan, Jonas Leriche, Frank E Hollywood, Marek Zyga, Wlodek Bludnik, Alberto Varela Lausen, Christian Schmidt, Stani Borowski, Lasak, Roland Grabkowski, Joanna Sierko Filipowska, Jan Dubrowin, Philippe Timmermans, Joachim Leher, Marcel Bakker, Flor Padilla, Ole Ahlberg, Daan Noppen, Dejan Ularzic, Gerd BannuscherMicha Lobi, Herman Smorenburg, Mart Krijger, Shiori MatsumotoMarcel Witte, Robert Bissel, Lukas Kandl, Eli Tiunine, Jaqueline Nieuwendijk, Bruno di Maio, Reinhard Schmid, Slavko Krunic, Peter Zwaan, Siegfried Zademack, Patrick Bergsma, Brita Seifert, Jose Parra, Yu Saguwara, Sandra Westgeest, Ronald Compánoca, Wim Bals, Menunana, Leon Keer, Peter van Oostzanen, Pawel Borowski, Pezsko, Jo-Jacek Opala

Dreamscapes is organized by Marcel Salome and Francis Hebda



14 june till 29 september 2019


Altes Rathaus Viechtach
Stadtplatz 1, 94234 Viechtach,

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