Lion’s Song

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Lion’s Song

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Michael Parkes

Dimensions53.4 × 81.3 cm / 21 x 32 inch

Limited Edition


Certified Art Giclée

Material type

Vellum (Transculent Medium)

Edition size


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Michael Parkes Signing at Re-Art,Fine Art Printing

Lion’s Song is a limited-edition art print on vellum by artist Michael Parkes. Michael Parkes is known as one of the world’s best artists when it comes to Magical Realism. His work evokes a mysterious atmosphere, which you can often only decipher with the help of ancient mythology and eastern philosophy.


Vellum was originally a very old form of parchment (tanned animal skin), primarily used as a material for writing and painting. Today there are modern vellums made ​​of polyester and fiber. A characteristic of modern vellum is that it is translucent. Michael Parkes has used this material throughout his career to make sketches or studies. Because the material is see-through, Parkes can easily turn it around and mirror the image he is working on. That is a huge advantage when creating his stone lithographs because he draws them mirrored on an etching stone.

Many of the original Michael Parkes sketches on vellum have been worked out in detail, and furnished with oil paint. For some years these original vellum drawings have been immensely popular with collectors because of their unique appearance. Michael Parkes therefore started testing extensively with vellum materials that were suitable to print on so he could make these works available to a wider audience. Together with master printer Marcel Salome the challenge was to approach the original drawings on vellum as close and true as possible. This has resulted in “Masterworks on Vellum” that are indistinguishable from the real drawings on vellum when framed. The Masterworks on Vellum have been produced in very limited edition, are numbered and signed by Michael Parkes and come with a certificate of authenticity.


Michael Parkes creates all his limited editions together with his master printer by Re-Art. Re-art is a fine art studio that specializes in fine art printing at the very highest level. All limited Editions of Michael Parkes are controlled. Therefore, all prints will be signed, hand-numbered and provide with a certificate of authenticity. Michael Parkes is always involved in the reproduction process.

Each “Masterwork on Vellum” has an extra white outer edge of 5 cm (2 inch) for framing purposes.

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