Goddess of the Hunt

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Goddess of the Hunt

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Michael Parkes

Dimensions43.2 × 20.3 × 15.2 cm / 17 x 8 x 6 inch





Traditional Patina

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Michael Parkes Signing at Re-Art,Fine Art Printing

Goddess of the Hunt — is a sculpture of the American artist Michael Parkes and is available in three sizes. The Three-Quarter Life Size consists of a limited edition of 24 pieces, Half-Life Size 60 pieces and One-Third Life Size 120. This beautiful bronze sculpture Goddess of the Hunt impresses with it’s details. Goddess of the Hunt is available in Michael Parkes “Traditional Patina” bronze color.

The bronze sculptures of Michael Parkes are born in Florence where he collaborates with none other than Piero Bertelli who is one of the best professionals in this field in Italy. Michael Parkes uses the Lost Wax technique for creating models that are later cast in bronze. Instead of soft wax he uses hard wax so he can express the finest details. Which is visible in the wings of his angel sculptures for instance. His process always starts with sketching after which the model is made by hand. If the model is ready he creates a counter- mold which serves as the basis for the eventual bronze casting. The final bronze statue is refined and polished and fitted with various patinas which give it its color. Michael Parkes bronze sculptures are available in classic dark brown color called ” Patino Classico or Florentine Patina” or in the more colorful variant “Custom Patina”. With the more colorful patinas Parkes wants to show techniques that were used a lot in history but are not regularly seen anymore because they require tremendous skill and are very time consuming.

Michael Parkes says about Goddess of the Hunt: “The realm of the gods is eternal. So hunting becomes a strange and wonderful sport. Because nothing ever dies, and there is an eternity of time to play and the hunt could last centuries in earth time. Then all of the players could trade places and the hunt would begin again.”

A purchase of a Michael Parkes sculpture is always a stable investment. It is an asset to any art collection.

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