Dreamscape 2006 (One)

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Dreamscape 2006 (One)

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Various Artists

Dimensions31.3 × 23 cm / 12.3 x 9 inch

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Imaginary realism has brought together many artists from different continents; artists who not only felt the urge to work in this imaginary style, but are also connect through an mistakeble solidarity, leading to various international collaborations. These collaboration have resulted in spectacular and renownd exhibitions all over the world lead by artists and representatives of the imaginary style.

Dreamscapes 2006 (One) showing surreal and beguiling paintings and sculptures from over 43 artists. Modern favorites like Michael Parkes, Daniel Merriam, Kinuko Y. Craft, Lukas Kandl, Ole Ahlberg, Peter Gric, Sergei Aparin, Tomasz Kopera, Viktor Safonkin, Ans Markus, Micha Lobi, Michael Cheval, Roland Heyder, Reinhard Schmid, Petar Meseldzija, Yu Sugawara, Bruno Di Maio, David M. Bowers, Fabricio Riccardi, Boris Shapiro, Gabriel Meiring, Victoria Francisco, Gabriela Garza-Padilla, Igor Grechanyk, Herman Smorenburg, Ray Donley, Zeljko Djurovic, Steven Kenny, Bas Sebus, Siegfried Zademack, Helene Terlien and many others are represented in this book.

Year of release: 2012

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