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Michael Parkes

Dimensions65 × 103 cm / 25.6 x 40 inch

Limited Edition


Certified Art Giclée

Material type

Artist Canvas

Edition size


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Michael Parkes Signing at Re-Art,Fine Art Printing

Michael Parkes’ paintings Deva and the The Creation belong to his absolute masterworks. Both paintings have contributed immensely to his breakthrough as an artist. To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the painting Deva, Michael created this limited-edition Giclee on Canvas that sold out within two days upon release. Salome Art Venture has only five Devas left available that can be purchased at the original introduction price. The current market value of these giclees is already much higher!

Michael Parkes says about this Giclee on Canvas: For the 20th anniversary of Deva we created this limited-edition Giclee ​​on Canvas. Every detail is flawlessly reproduced using the very best techniques. Deva has become a treasure of historic and artistic significance.”

“I was very pleased that Deva was released as a limited- edition because it is one of my favorite artworks by Michael Parkes”, says Marcel Salome. “It didn’t surprise me at all that this edition sold out within two days. As a Michael Parkes dealer, I got the opportunity to buy five copies to exhibit and sell in my own gallery. Except one, because that is part of my private collection!”

Salome Art Ventures is one of the premier dealers for art by Michael Parkes. Salome has also been Parkes’ master printer for decades. Michael Parkes’ Giclees on Canvas meet the quality standards set by museums and collectors. They are made using high-quality archival inks and are printed at the maximum resolution. They are finished with an additional UV top coating to make the colors even more realistic.

All canvas editions of Michael Parkes are Certified Art Giclees on 450 grams canvas. They are signed and numbered by Michael Parkes and they all come with a certificate of authenticity.

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