Hero (Ursus II)

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Hero (Ursus II)

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Robert Bissell

Dimensions101.5 × 66 cm / 40 x 26 inch

Limited Edition


Certified Art Giclée

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Atelier photo of Robert Bissel

Hero (Ursus II) — is a limited edition art print by Robert Bissell made from his original painting and available in two sizes. Bissell creates all his Certified Art Giclées™ together with Re-Art, a company that specializes in fine art printing at the very highest level.

Robert Bissell is best known for creating narrative paintings of animals in magical settings. His images reflect the human condition. Bissell exhibits regularly in Europe and the United States.

All Bissell’s Limited Certified Editions are made with the best inks, fine art papers and artist canvas. The two different limited editions of Hero (Ursus II) are available on canvas and fine art paper and have lifetime quality guarantee. Bissell is involved in the whole process together with his master printer. All editions are controlled, numbered and signed by Robert Bissell.

The limited edition art print of Hero (Ursus II) is available in two editions. You can choose between the ‘Regular’ or ‘Deluxe’ edition. Compared to the Regular edition, the Deluxe edition is bigger in dimensions and more exclusive.

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