Exclusive limited editions: Hans Kanters

Exclusive limited editions
Imaginary Realism

In collaboration with Hans Kanters, Re-Art and Imaginary Realism have produced a series of exclusive limited fine art prints. Dutch artists Hans Kanters is seen together with Micha Lobi as the Jheronimus Bosch of our time.

There is no way to describe Kanters’ work in a couple of sentences. What you can say is that the bizarre, fascinating paintings with their dozens of details depict life in all its facets of emotion, behaviour and social customs. And at an amazingly skilled technical level.

As an autodidact, for decades Kanters has been doing things his own way without paying the least bit of attention to trends or fashion, he simply is who he is. After his erotic period in the 1970s, surrealism has been dominant in his work since the 1980s and his palette has become more direct, the colours less dense. In addition to his graphic work such as lithographs and etchings, ever since 1994 he has also been making bronze statues.

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“People ought to be able to get more out
of it than I put into it, otherwise I have been doing
something wrong.”

“It is not just about the meaning,
it is the emotion, humour and irony,
tenderness and frustration,
even rage that I am trying to convey.”

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