Upcoming Exhibitions


Dreamscapes V - Belgium

11 October - 12 December 2014
Location:  Alden Biesen, Bilzen, Belgium




Past Exhibitions


Dreamscapes Mixed Up - Enschede, The Netherlands

22 May - 22 June 2014
Opening reception: Thursday 22 October 17.00 uur.
Location:  Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede, The Netherlands


Dreamscapes Mixed Up - Utrecht, The Netherlands

20 October - 11 December 2013
Opening reception: Saturday 20 October 14.00 - 18.00
Location:  Grachtengalerie, Utrecht, The Netherlands


Dreamscapes V -  Viechtach, Germany

21 June - 6 October 2013

Opening reception: Friday 21 Jube 15.00 - 18.00
Location:  Alten Radhaus, Viechtach, Germany

Dreamscape Amsterdam 2010


On Saturday the 13th of March we opened in Amsterdam the largest exhibition of Imaginary Realism in the Netherlands with over forty artists representing contemporary expressions of Magical Realism, Fantastic Realism, Surrealism and Visionary Realism.

Once again Dreamscape introduces the latest developments in the field of Imaginary Realism with success. The vernissage of this Dreamscape exhibition attracted over a thousand visitors, and was opened by Gerrit Luidinga who wrote the introduction of the new Dreamscapes 2010 book.

During the vernissage on Saturday, March 13, the book Dreamscapes 2010 was released presented featuring the Russian artist Viktor Safonkin as guest of honor. Safonkin's fiery painting technique and imagination are well established within the field. The publication, issued by Imaginary Editions, features sixty-zeven international artists.

Dreamscapes has continued to monitor this progression and is once again offering a new platform for artists within the field. This Dreamscape exhibition has introduced a subtle shift from the traditional to more playful, dark and illustrative sides of the movement.

The Dreamscape Amsterdam exhibition received very good comments by art critics in 2 of the biggest newspapers of The Netherlands. We create a base for the future to make Dreamscape Amsterdam as the biggest and most important exhibition for Imaginary Realism world wide.

Dreamscape Amsterdam Exhibition is organized by Marcel Salome (Imaginary Editions) and Ella Buzo (Cabinodd Collections). Both have joined forces in developing the Dreamscape concept, driven by a large and growing network of collectors and artists. Dreamscape strives to provide a representative image of artists who have achieved the techniques of the old masters and also expose the varied styles of Imaginary Realism.



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Participating artists at the Dreamscapes 2010 Exhibition:


mini_DanielMerriammini_FrankCHauser mini_MichaelWhelan mini_GerdBannuscher mini_JoseParra

mini_KarolBak mini_LaurieLipton mini_Menunana mini_PatrickWoodroffe mini_TomelSetowski

Dreamscape Amsterdam 2008


29 November – 7 December 2008

Imaginary realism from 15 countries, featuring 47 artists on 900M2 floor
and book presentation Dreamscapes 2009

Dreamscape Exhibition 2008 Dreamscape Exhibition 2008

We can look back on a fantastic Dreamscape Exhibition in Amsterdam that Ella Buzo and I organized in 2008. The 2008 Dreamscape exhibition was a break trough for Imaginary Realism in the Netherlands and a start to make the Dreamscape Amsterdam Exhibition the most important international exhibition for Imaginary Realism in Europe. We are so pleased to receive so many compliments about this exhibition.

The new Dreamscape book “Dreamscapes 2009” was official released during the opening of the exhibition and the first book was given to Mr. Erik Hermida founder of  Realism Amsterdam and Open Art Fair Utrecht. He was impressed to see such a high quality exhibition of imaginary realism and open the door for this kind of art at the prestige art fairs in Holland.

Many any artists have visited the opening, which made the exhibition extra special. The opening was well visit with about 600 till 700 people. Also gallery owners have visit the exhibition and some artists have found new contacts and are going to work with galleries like Galerie Utrecht, Galerie Beeldkracht and Celesta Fine Art.

The diner on the boat The Odessa was a pleasure for all the artists, gallerie owners and some collectors who could meet the artists, make new contacts and meting old friends.

In short terms we can say that The Dreamscape Amsterdam 2008 Exhibition was a successful event. We are already working on the next Dreamscape Exhibitions.


Participating artists:

michael parkes Lukas Kandl Bruno Di Maio Daniel Merriam David Bowers

Steven Kenny Peter Gric Serge Aparin Victor Safonkin Igor Grechanyk


and Gerard Di Maccio • Herman Smorenburg • Michael Cheval • Ans Markus • Bodi • Fabrizio Riccardi • Victoria Francisco • Imke Meester Richard van der Koppel • Jake Baddeley • Bas Sebus • Jolanda Richter • Ray Donley • Gabriela Garza-Padilla • Adam Rote • Gabriel Meiring Jean Thomassen • Kinuko Y. Craft • Micha Lobi • Michael Hiep • Olivier Zapelli • Patricia van Lubeck • Paul Jaarsma • Reinhard Schmid Rene Zwaga • Shiori Matsumoto • Siegfried Zademack • Wim Kuenen • Zeljko Djurovic • Christophe Vacher • Sjaak Kieft • Helene Terlien Ton Haring • Yu Sugawara • Iurie Matei • Boris Shapiro • Tomasz Kopera •  Michael Maschka • Imke Meester • Roland Heyder

The exhibition Dreamscape is organized by Marcel Salome (www.re-art.com) and Ella Buzo (www.cabinodd.com)