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Welcome to the World of Imaginary Realism

From the time that we first discovered the art work of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, we looked astounded at a world that was a part of our world yet uniquely different. In many respects we were looking at this ancient art as surrealistic images. We saw its artistic beauty and strangeness and accepted its reality wholeheartedly. So to believe that surrealism started with the surrealistic poets and Salvador Dali is certainly underestimating the surrealistic experience that we have shared with art from its very earliest beginnings.

With Imaginary Realism we aspire to unite several artistic fine art movements, like Magic Realism, Visionary Realism, Fantastic Realism and Surrealism. We want to ensure that these art forms are taken seriously by contemporary art critics, galleries and museums and bring it under attention by art collectors and a bigger audience.

With projects as the Dreamscape books, Dreamscape exhibitions and Imaginary Editions we bring the contemporary imaginary realism under a world wide attention and show that the new masters of today will be
the old masters of the future.

Hope you enjoy this website and our projects.

Marcel Salome


News about Books

Dreamscapes V

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Hans Kanters

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Frank C. Hauser


Now available in the bookshop


The Art of Michael Parkes II


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